Chain Come Along
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Chain Come Along

Chain hoist, aka chain pullerchain pulley or chain come along, is the tool you will need to lift or lower heavy stuff, the rated capacity of these chain hoist ranging from 3/4 ton to 6 ton, the lift ranging from 5' to 20', you will always be able to find the right chain puller for your job.

The chain hoist and chain puller sometimes called chain come-a-long, because people can use them to puller heavy objects toward the operator. And for the same reason, the cable puulers also have the name cable come-a-long. Chain hoist is used when people want to lift heavy machinery, while cable puller is for off road applications and recovery.

As for chain block, you wil be able to find 1 to 3 ton capacity ones available.

We alos offer following come along products:

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