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Winch Straps

ME winch strap assemblies feature high quality, heady duty, abrasion, wear and weather resistant tie down straps with quality, dependable hooks and chains to satisfy the demanding situations of flatbed tie down applications, when people are looking for truck straps or trailer straps for metal coil, concrete pipes, these assemblies are the best choice.

Our winch tie down straps come with quite some varieties, there are truck straps with chain anchor(aka chain extension), with D ring, with flat hooks or wire hooks, and these cargo straps can be used with truck winches and different kind of buckles, such as ratchet buckles and cam buckles. We have 2in winch straps and 4in winch straps,sometimes called 2'' & 4'' tie down webbing, which can be used with 2'' and 4'' truck winches respectively. Winch tie down straps have working load limit of 3333lbs(2'' straps) and 5000lbs or 5400lbs(4'' straps), and the length can be from 20' to 80'.

In addition to the regular cargo straps, we have high durable straps for demanding tie down applications, these HD straps have much greater durability, strength and abrasion resistance than standard tie down webbing and last much longer, we have 2in HD winch tie down strap and 4in high durable winch strap available.

We offer truck winch accessories as well, such as 4 in. and 12 in. plastic corner protector for truckers to use with 2in and 4in straps respectively, and 2in and 4in truck tie down winches are also for sale, with the help of winch bars you can tighten the tie down strap easily over the cargo load.

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