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Tie Downs
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Tie Downs

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Tie downs refer to different products in the trucking industry, the major categories are trucks, flat beds and semi trailers.  The most common tie down devices, such as ratchet straps, cam buckle straps, semi trailers mostly use logistic straps with E Track tie down systems, while flat beds have more varieties, some have winches installed, so they can use winch straps, transport chains and load binders are popular tie downs on flat beds. Of course there are tie down straps for both semi trailers and flat beds, and ratchet straps are much more popular than cam buckle straps, when you use ratchet straps you can tighten the loads as much as you want provided that you're not going to exceed the working load limit of the straps, while cam buckle straps can only be used on light and easy to tie down equipment, because you can't tighten the loads like you can do with ratchets, and how you secure it depends on how strong the person is.

Here we offer truck tie down hardware such as ratchet buckle, pan fittings, if you're looking for other tie down products, here is the list you can check out:

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