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Polyester Round Sling
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Polyester Round Sling

Endless synthetic lift round slings are made from a continuous loop of polyester and jacketed in a double layer of polyester. Color coded according to EN 1492-2 & AS 4497.

These polyester slings are flexible and very strong, and they won't scratch or dent surfaces, and these round slings are easier to carry than chain sling or recovery straps, furthermore, one continuous loop gives no sewn edges to rip.

Each lift sling has extra strong PU-impregnated webbing of the sleeve, which does not allow dirt to enter and  is packed in plastic with CE declaration of conformity or Test Certificate.

All round slings meet ASME-B30 standard.

In addition to polyester round slings, we also offer chain sling and nylon sling for your lifting needs.

Last but not least, our free shipping and money back guarantee will sweeten the deal!

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