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Chain Sling

Chain Slings are preferred for use in the most rugged and demanding conditions, where other slings would not do the job or not even last for seconds. Steel mills and foundries are most typical users of chain slings. Chain slings are made from high strength alloy steel, these slings are made specifically for the lifting industry. They have various configurations and end fittings, which can be connected with a welded link, such as master link, for permanent attachment, or a mechanical link when welded is not feasible or not available.

In most cases chain slings are available in two chain grades: Grade 80, which is the industry standard, and Grade 100, which is stronger. Chain slings are the most rugged slings available on the market. They are resistant to both abrasion and cutting and may be used at temperatures up to 400°F (204ËšC) without reducing capacity rating. Grade 100 slings are 25% stronger per chain diameter than grade 80, for some extreme conditions, the grade 100 is the ideal choice.

For less demanding conditions, we recommend these lift sling products:

  • Nylong Sling
  • Polyester Sling

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