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What is Elongation


The measurement of steel chains has to follow these guidelines:

1. All steel chain which is heat treated must be in the quenched and tempered condition before elongation is measured;

2. The elongation test sample must consist of a length from the lot containing at least the number of l inks in this table;

3. A positive load not exceeding 10% of the proof test must be applied for determining the original gauge length(L0);

4. The elongation is based on the total extension at fracture. This is expressed as a percentage of the change in length(L+) divided by the original gauge length(L0). The equation to calculate elongation:

Elongation(%) = {L+/L0}x100

Where L+ = The test sample final length at fracture - the test sample original gauge length(L0).

L0 = The original gauge length(the sum of the inside lengths of the test chain links not counting the fixture links.

Elongation must not be less than 20% for Grade 80 Chain and 100 chain; 15% for Grade 30, 43, Grade 70 Chain and Stainless chains; and 10% for Machine Chain, Coil Chain and Passing Link Chain.

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