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Chain Binders

Chain Binders

Why We Recommend Ratchet Chain Binders- and How to Use Them:

At Manufacturing Express, we carry the most popular choice in chain binders, the ratchet binder, and we do so for the simple reason that this type of binder is the easiest to use and does a great job in securing a heavy duty load. Our 5/16 ratchet chain binder works with 5/16” grade 70 chain and 3/8” grade 70 chain. The working load limit for this binder is 5,400 lbs, proof load, 10,800 lbs, breaking strength, 16,200 lbs, handle length 14”, take-up length 8”, barrel length 10”, with a drop forged handle. You can see the complete specs of this binder when you browse our online inventory at MFRExpress.com.

Chain binders are not just a great choice if you’re in the over-the-road transportation industry; they’re also the right tool for the job if you’re transporting a lawn tractor from one residence to another. Keeping your load fastened down securely is a must for the safety of vehicles behind you and all others on the road. Nylon strap tie downs are a good choice for smaller jobs, but when it comes to anchoring a load, nothing does the job quite like chains that have been pulled tight with a binder.

We highly advise all of our customers to discuss their application with one of our knowledgeable staff members by phone. We’ll be happy to discuss your project with you and recommend the right length and size of chain for the task at hand. We’ll also provide the information you may need to use your chain binder in the event that it’s the first time you’ve used one. We recommend partnering with someone who is experienced in using chain binders, watching a few youtube videos, and taking advantage of the following advice:

Step One: Attach the chain by finding the best places on the trailer for attachment. If your trailer has built-in rings, use them, otherwise, use the frame or another metal part of the trailer.

Step Two: Load the trailer, doing your best to center the load within the trailer.

Step Three: Loop the chain under the heaviest part of the framework you can safely access; try the vehicle’s axles, motor mounts, hitch supports, or draw bars.

Step Four: Attach the chain over the load or to the trailer using the chain hooks to tighten the chain.

Now, it’s a simple matter of using the chain binder to tighten the load. This is where the help of someone experienced can really come in handy. If you’re going solo, don’t worry- there are free resources online to help you do the job correctly, and our staff is just a phone call away should you need assistance. For quality chain binders, binder chains, and accessories, shop on our website for the best possible deals and free shipping on all orders over $50 within the lower 48 US states.


Chain Binders
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Chain Binders
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