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Tie Down Chains: Use, Care and Inspection

Industrial Truck Tie Down Chains: Use, Care and Inspection

Industrial Chains Dimension

Instructions and cautions regarding the use of grade 70 binder chain:

  • Use only grade 80 (EN818–2) chain for overhead lifting applications.
  • Do not overload. Know working load limits and load weight of chain; overloading can lead to rapid wear, stretching and sling failure that may cause serious injury or property damage.
  • All attachments and accessories are designed for use with the appropriate size chain. Always make sure that the attachment is at least equal to the strength of the chain.
  • Inspect the chain before lifting to remove all twist, knots and kinks.
  • Avoid impact loading because loads that are jerked suddenly when picked up, can impose tension on the chain over the actuel load weight which may cause sling damage.
  • Do not let chains come in contact with sharp corners of load without protective loading which may result bending, nicks and gouges.
  • Do not add or weld any pieces to the chain other than factory’s standard.
  • Do not drop or rest loads on chain that will lead to nicking or bending that may result in severe chain damage.
  • Do not overheat the chain. Overheating may anneal the steel and may reduce the working load limits.

Proper chain care and extending the working life of truck chain;

  • Store chain properly to avoid damage such as nicking, gouging, bending and corrosion which may require repair or replacement.
  • Keep chain away from heat.
  • If storing for long periods of time, oil the chain before storage.
  • Remove dirt and grit before storage as this can cause wear.

Inspecting the transport chain:

  • Always inspect the chain before and after using it.
  • Periodically measure the chain and keep records. Any chain inspected with deformation, elongation, nicks, gouges or breakes must be marked and immediately taken out of service.
  • Do not use rusty chains for lifting purposes.
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