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Total Potential Load



Total Potential Load (TPL) is the weight to be lifted, towed, restrained, suspended, or secured, not just in a static condition, but in a dynamic condition.

Examples: the jerking of a weight being lifted, the heaving of a vessel, the slalom of a water skier, the falling of a body, the swaying of scaffolding, the tethering of a balloon, the wind pressure on antenna guys, a truck being towed out of the mud, and a boat being towed through waves, the loads on a flat bed truck on the move - these and many other situations like them produce dynamic forces with a total potential load that may well exceed, sometimes significantly, the static weight of the load, and this must be taken into consideration.

For example, a 10,000lbs backhoe on the flatbed truck held by 4 3/8'' grade 70 transport chains and 4 3/8''-1/2'' ratchet load binders will have total potential load much more than 10,000lbs, imagine a sudden brake, a sharp corner turn or even an unfortunate event  such as crashing into something rigid and big. This is the reason why the aggregated working load limit of all tie down devices(in this case 4 3/8'' grade 70 binder chains) has to to equal to or greater than half of the weight of the load, and since these chains and binders has design factor of 4:1, so the properly secured tie downs can sustain forces 4 times of the aggregated working load limit, which is 6600lbs x 4 = 25,600lbs, theoretically 4 chains together can sustain 25,600lbs x 4 = 102,400lbs total load.

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