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What is Ratchet Strap

Ratchet straps are assemblies of ratchet buckles with all kinds of straps with or without hooks, endless or not. Usually people use nylon or polyester webbing to make the straps  , and the working load limit can be less than 100lbs to more than 1000lbs , the width of the strap should be  1” to 4” , both ends can be a loop, endless, double J hook , flat hook, spring e fitting, snap hook, chain extension,or the ends can have different set up.

The material people use to make ratchet buckle is steel, specifically carbon steel, but the ratchet handle can be aluminum or plastic coated, or just the steel . For regular ratchets, see following drawing for reference :


The straps are made from nylon webbing(made of nylon yarn) or polyester webbing(made of polyester yarn), nylon webbing is used in many applications where shock absorption properties are important because nylon webbing has better elongation than polyester webbing of the same construction and strength, such as motor cycle tie downs, polyester webbing is used where low elongation and low creep are desirable, such as flat bed tie down straps, we don’t want the load on the truck bed to move.

Webbing cab also be coated with suitable materials that will impact desirable characteristics, such as abrasion resistance, sealing to prevent penetration of foreign particles and matter, increased(or decreased) coefficient of friction, ultra-violet light resistance.

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