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Snatch Block

A snatch block is a special kind of block, it is specifically designed to snatch loads and anchors, the block side plate can be opened or swung away for inserting of a loop of rope or cable easily and do so without having to thread a bitter end through the side plates, and can be inserted anywhere in the cable without having to remove the load first to change the direction of the cable pull.

We have light champion blocks and galvanized blocks available with size from 3in to 12in for light champion blocks, 3in to 6in for galvanized blocks, the working load limit comes in from 2 ton to 8 ton for light champion snatch blocks, 1.5 ton to 6 ton for galvanized ones.

Properly rated and carefully maintained snatch blocks are of utmost importance to any one wish to use them, we only offer the high quality blocks with low cost and free shipping.

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