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Corner Protector

Corner protectors, which also go by the name edge protector, can be used as tarp protectors, web protectors or cargo protectors. Our sturdy web protectors prevent abrasion of cargo and tie down straps, and the cargo protectors will protect cargo from being damaged by tie down chains, such as grade 70 chains we use on heavy load.

We have plastic corner protectors and steel corner protectors, the plastic ones are for straps(mostly winch and ratchet straps) and webbing protection while the steel ones are both for cargo and binder chain protection, since the load and binder chain can and will cause harm to each other.

As the name implied, tarp protectors are for truck tarps:

Heavy Duty Steel Tarp 16'x24' w/ Flap/Tail 4'x4'
Heavy Duty Lumber Tarp 24'x26' 8' Drop Made in US

And strap corner/edge protectors are for truck straps:

Ratchet Strap
Winch Straps
Cam Buckle Strap

Of course the steel corner protectors are for binder chains:

Grade 70 Chain
Grade 80 Chain
Grade 100 Chain

Our huge selection of flatbed cargo control products coupled with free shipping and warranty will give you an edge in trucking business.