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Load Binders

Load Binder is also known as chain binder, chain tensioners, normally used with grade 70 binder chains, it's main function is to tighten the steel chains around the loads. Load binders have 2 different styles, ratchet binder and lever binders, with ratchet chain binder you can ratchet the binder to tighten the chain up and lock binders in place, while with lever chain binder you can only tighten the chains with fixed length, and you need something else to lock the lever binder.

Chain binders can be used with two different grades of chains, for instance, 5/16''-3/8'' chain binders can be used with grade 70 5/16'' binder chains and 3/8'' grade 43 steel chains, 3/8''-1/2'' means 3/8'' grade 70 chain and 1/2'' grade 43 chains. Since chain binders are manual tools, and the working load is controlled by hand operation, be careful not to overload the chain binders, use them within the rated working load limit.

The Chain Binders can be used with following steel chain products:

Grade 30 Chain

Grade 70 Chain

Grade 80 Chain

Grade 100 Chain

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