Winch Bars
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Winch Bars

Winch Bar is the essential accessory for truck winch, there is no way you can tighten the winch straps by bare hand or some other tools, you will have to use winch bars whenever you are hauling loads on the flat beds. These winch bars come in with quite a few varieties, regular painted black ones, chrome combination ones, chrome standard ones and chrome combination painted half yellow.

Our winch bars are tapered and angled at the end for easy of use, the tip is grooved to make it easy to grip in the winch. They are heat treated for extra strength, cycle tested to simulate long time use, and each bar is proof tested during manufacturing. Winch bars also can be used to release chain load binders and tension winches, but they are not to be used as a cheater bar to tighten load binders.

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