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Cargo Net

The cargo net is ideal cargo control device for SUV and pick up trucks, usually people use pick up trucks to move small pieces of stuff, such as boxes, containers, luggage, ratchet straps and cargo bars are most likely overkill in such applications.

Our bungee cargo net made of black bungee cords, all the bungee cords are knotted together which makes the cargo net self reinforced, meaning that when you assert force on the cargo net the knot will keep the net in shape, it will not get loose whatsoever. These nets come with 10-12 plastic hooks for tie down.

Our bungee net can be stretched at least 100% percent from relaxed size, say we have 3 ft. by 4 ft. cargo net, you can stretch it to 6 ft. by 8 ft. easily without incurring any damage.

For truck tie down products, check out some of our cargo control offerings:

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We offer free shipping for our trunk nets, regardless of order total or size of the net. And your satisfaction is guaranteed with our money back policy.

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