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Cargo Bars

Load Locks or load bars are used for stablizing truck load during transportation, loads in closed containers will shift, which can result in damage, as well as add to the difficulty of controlling the vehicle. A cargo bar has been designed for this purpose, which is pretty simple to use. The cargo bar is designed with a flat section that is pressed up against the load, and a telescopic tube that is inserted into a ratcheting mechanism. The load can be locked into position with the ratchet, and easily released when needed. When you have part loads in closed containers and trucks, this patented cargo bar can be used to secure them in the middle for a properly balanced load. You can have a look at the cargo bar products details by clicking on the link to them on our website. As you can see, the cargo bar can be installed to secure loads between wall and floors of trucks, and the rubber fitted pad on the telescopic rod will not scuff or damage surfaces.

When it comes to securing cargo within enclosed areas, and in trucks with containers, then this cargo bar is indispensable. Manufactured from solid aluminum or steel, it will provide you with years of practical use for cargo management. The further variety of straps, chain binders, ratchets, and rubber tie-downs will ensure that you have everything you need if you are a transportation and shipping company. At the prices offered by MFR Express for these, and all our other excellent cargo management, it will not cost you an arm and a leg to replaced worn straps cargo bars and complementing products.

In addition to load locks introduced here, we offer a lot more truck tie down products:

  • Ratchet Strap
  • Winch Strap
  • Load Binder
  • Transport Chain
  • Steel Tarp

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