Tie Downs
Polyester Towing Tie Down Strap, Car Tie Down Axle Strap, Lasso, Replacement Tie Down

Tie Downs

High quality car wheel/tire/axle straps are very important for car haulers and towing industry, the safety of the cargo depends on the reliability of the car tie downs.

All of our tire straps are made of polyester yarn which gives at least 12,000 lbs. breaking strength, the assembly strength depends on the weakest part which is usually the hardware, mostly the hooks and rings. We offer wheel nets, lasso straps, axle straps and wheel lift straps for car hauling and transportation, along with tow chains, tow straps, towing cables, trailer chains for towing industry.

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Tie Downs
Load Binders
Binder Chains
Chain Hooks

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