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Tarp Straps
Trap Straps for Sale | Rubber Tarp Strap | EPDM Tarp Strap | Tarp Tie Down

Tarp Straps

The rubber tarp straps are essential tie downs for transportation industry, especially when the truck tarps are involved. The EPDM rubber tarp straps are processed rubber straps which are conditioned for warm and hot weather, on the other hand the natural rubber straps will work better in cold weather.

Our heavy duty rubber tarp straps come with S hooks at both ends, and you can stretch the rubber band from 70% to 100%, the longer the strap the lower the stretching percentage. Be advised to wear eye protection during tie down and disconnect, sudden rupture or disconnect  while in stretched position can cause serious injury. Discard if the straps are cut or cracked.

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