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Binder Chains

Grade 70 transport chain, or Grade 70 binder chain, is a high quality, high strength carbon steel tie down chain, heat treated, used for cargo control, tie down application, not for overhead lifting. The base steel for making grade 70 chain meets the following criteria: Carbon, 0.35% max; Phosphorous 0.040% max; and Sulfur, 0.050% max.

And the chain is made by electric welding or gas welding process. Our grade 70 transport chains are made to the specification of NACM96 standard.

The elongation is no less than 15% for grade 70 transport chains. Grade 70 chains have periodic embossing for identification purpose, 5/16'' and 3/8'' Grade 70 chains are embossed at interval no greater than 1ft. or 0.3m, all other Grade 70 chains are embossed at intervals no greater than 3ft. or 0.9m. Grade 70 chains are embossed with 7, 70 or 700. All chain identification markings are embossed using raised characters. Chain links are not marked with indented characters for the safety reason.

All of our ASTM80 grade 70 short link chains have the same minimum breaking strength as NACM96 grade 70 transport chain, only their chain link are shorter than NACM96 chains, therefore these short link chains are used in some applications which need the chains to be more flexible.

Grade 80 Binder Chains and grade 100 chains are designed for use in load binding, logging, towing and other applications. Rugged, versatile, high strength chain manufactured from special alloy steel with assembled grab hooks. Every link is quenched, tempered and then proof tested.

In most cases you need the load binder together with the binder chain to secure loads on your truck, if you buy 3/8'' grade 70 chain, you need 3/8''-1/2'' load binders, and for 1/2'' G7 chain you are looking at 1/2''-5/8'' heavy duty chain binders.


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