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Proof Coil Chain

Grade 30 Proof Coil chain is made from low carbon steel and is a general utility chain for such uses as farm, log chain, tow chain and switch chain. G30 chain come in both long link (made to NACM specʼs) and short link (made to ASTM 80 specʼs). Long Link chain has a longer inside length to save weight and reduce cost. Both long and short link chain have the same strength ratings. Generally short link chains are more flexible than long link chains.

The proof coil chain can not be used for over head lifting, you need properly configured grade 80 chain or grade 100 chain  for over head lifting, and highway truck transportation application needs at least grade 70 binder chains.

Since Grade 30 chains(Proof Coil Chains) are lowest graded chains, they are mostly geared toward generic applications, i.e., applications don't require higher grade chains, such as decoration, fencing, though we have other steel chain products such as coil chain, machine chain and sash chain for the same applications, grade 30 chains are much stronger while are not much more expensive.

If you're looking for safety chains(excluding tie down chains), check out our tire chains and trailer chains for more information.

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