Choosing the Right Chain Binder for Your Needs

Choosing the Right Chain Binder for Your Needs

Logical PositionJune 21, 2022

A chain binder, also known as a load binder, is an essential tool for anchoring cargo for transport. A chain binding device applies pressure to the chains, tying cargo down. Understanding the different types of devices can help you choose the right chain binder for your needs. Many binder chains exist, but the correct chain binder for you depends on your daily hauling operations. Simplify the process of choosing the right chain binder for your needs by exploring the best features to look for and how different types of binders vary.

Tie-Down Rules

It’s important to consult the federal regulations surrounding what kind of equipment you require for length and weight of a load. Before choosing a chain binder, consult the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) for guidelines about the proper equipment to secure a load.

Types of Chain Binders

There are various chain binders available on the market, including lever type, ratchet type, midget load binders, snubbing load binders, and walking load binders. The most common types of chain binder are the ratchet type and lever type.

Ratchet vs. Lever Binders

The ratchet binder, or ratchet chain, features a ratchet handle and two tension hooks (one on each end of the handle). The ratchet binder has a ratcheting mechanism to secure a load by applying tension on the chain. The lever binder, or lever chain, uses leverage to apply tension to the chain and secure the load. The ratchet binder is a safer option than a lever binder, but a lever binder is easier to install.

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