Recovery Strap vs. Tow Chain: Which One Is Best for You?

Recovery Strap vs. Tow Chain: Which One Is Best for You?

George AdaoApril 20, 2022

When heading out to tow some vehicles, there is an extensive toolkit you need to facilitate a speedy and hassle-free job. Two of these pieces of equipment are recovery straps and tow chains—gears that serve similar functions but have two separate applications. Knowing those applications can help you make the best decision when towing a vehicle. Be aware of the differences between recovery straps versus tow chains.

What Is a Recovery Strap?

Recovery straps typically utilize nylon fabric materials; this allows the strap to have a certain amount of give to it while pulling vehicles. This greater degree of give is essential when you need to recover vehicles from difficult-to-reach spots, such as if a vehicle is stuck in mud.

Ideally, when you encounter a vehicle stuck in a ditch or other similar circumstances, you need to get out the recovery strap to safely pull it out. This prevents any unnecessary strain on your truck and the vehicle in need.

What Is a Tow Chain?

While recovery straps use nylon fabric, tow chains utilize alloy or steel links, giving them immense strength when hauling vehicles. It’s essential to have that strength when pulling a car behind your truck, towing it to the intended destination.

Transport chains allow for that level of reliability when moving vehicles, providing the strength you need to haul vehicles down roadways.

The Best for Your Purpose

Each one has its own uses when out on a job; it’s not a question of one size fits all. If you need to deal with a vehicle stuck somewhere, a recovery strap may be the best option. But if you have a vehicle on the road and you have full access to it, then a tow chain can safely transport it behind your truck. It’s vital to know the differences between a recovery strap and a tow chain, as you always want to use the most optimal tool to get the job done.