Tow Straps vs. Recovery Straps: How Are They Different?

Tow Straps vs. Recovery Straps: How Are They Different?

Anthony DaSilvaMay 26, 2022

Tow truck drivers need to deal with many different situations throughout a workweek, and those situations may require special tools. Two of the most common pieces of towing equipment drivers need are tow straps and recovery straps. They are two similar pieces of gear with specific purposes. Know the key differences between tow straps and recovery straps and always use them for their ideal purposes.

What Are Tow Straps?

Unsurprisingly, tow truck drivers do a lot of towing. Tow straps are a versatile tool to get that done. They work best when the tow driver has complete access to the vehicle and can put it in neutral. This ensures free and fluid movement, streamlining the act of pulling a vehicle behind the tow truck, or wrecker.

What Are Recovery Straps?

Occasionally, tow truck drivers must pull vehicles out of ditches, mud pits, and other locations where wheels lack adequate traction. Recovery straps allow the tow truck driver to latch onto a vehicle and recover it. This is essential for getting drivers out of hazardous situations and back on the road safely.

What Are Their Primary Differences?

While tow straps and recovery straps serve similar purposes, their differences are significant. Recovery straps’ fabric is far more elastic than standard tow straps.

This stretchiness of recovery straps prevents the material from snapping under the immense pressure of pulling another vehicle. Tow straps are not as flexible, so they will break if a tower uses tow straps to pull a car from a ditch.

Have the Right Tools for the Job

When heading out for a day of towing and recovering, it’s essential to have the tools you need for safe and optimal work. Partner with a tow truck supply store to ensure you have what you need at all times, and a means to get essential equipment if you need to add to your kit. Be aware of the differences between tow straps and recovery straps; you don’t want to use the wrong one for the job.