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Machine Chain

Machine chain is a short link welded chain, it is designed for applications where compactness and flexibility are desired and most of the time required. The applications include but not limit to tailgates, farm and industrial equipment.

Similar to coil chain, machine chains are made of low carbon steel, but has shorter link than coil chain, so in some cases machine chains are more flexible than coil chains.

If you're looking for tie down chains, check out following products:

  • Grade 70 Chain
  • Grade 80 Chain
  • Grade 100 Chain

And here are generic steel chain products:

  • Sash Chain
  • Proof Coil Chain
  • Trailer Chain
  • Tire Chain

These steel chains serve different purposes, such as tie down, safety, decoration, industrial, we have large selection of steel chains for different needs, and we offer free ground shipping and money back guarantee for qualified orders.

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