4 Tips for Choosing the Best LED Tow Lights for Your Truck

4 Tips for Choosing the Best LED Tow Lights for Your Truck

Anthony DaSilvaJune 16, 2022

Tow trucks are vital vehicles that first responders operate each day to help others. Tow trucks are emergency response vehicles by law, but high fatality rates exist for motorists and other vehicle collisions involving tow truck drivers. These risks are why tow truck accessories, such as high-quality LED lights, are important features to have on your truck. LED tow lights ensure you’re visible and safe on the job. But there are factors to consider when evaluating the type of LED tow lights to install. Explore these four tips for choosing the best LED tow lights for your truck to keep you safe on the road and meet your daily operational needs.

1. Budget

The first tip for choosing the best LED tow lights for your truck is to consider your budget. Before picking an LED tow light, think about the budget you’re working with, whether you’re an independent contractor or fleet employee.

2. State Laws

Before exploring the types of LED lights to use, you need to check what the law in your state requires. Each state has different requirements for emergency vehicle lighting and can vary in statutes for color and the type of lighting product you can use.

3. Type of Tow Truck

Assess the type of tow truck you have and what it requires to help determine the easiest and most efficient lighting setup. For example, if you have a flatbed tow truck, you’ll want LED lights you can install on the flatbed for motorists and drivers to identify the full scope of your vehicle on the road.

4. Type of LED Lights

After determining the budget, laws, and truck type you’re working with, the final step is to evaluate the types of LED lights available. Amber LED lights are the most common lighting that tow trucks, wreckers, and auto-recovery vehicles have. LED lights vary in color, power wattage, and blinking features. Therefore, it’s crucial to assess the needs of your tow truck operations before deciding on a type of LED light.

Driving a tow truck means investing in the right tow truck accessories for your day-to-day operations. The best route to finding these accessories is through a tow truck supply company like Manufacturer Express. Explore our tow truck essentials on our website or give our team a call for more information today.