Top 5 Must-Know Applications for a Tow Hitch

Top 5 Must-Know Applications for a Tow Hitch

Anthony DaSilvaJune 16, 2022

Tow hitches and other forms of towing equipment are imperative for transportation services. People use a tow hitch for towing standard vehicles. But there are some must-know applications for a tow hitch that go overlooked. The lesser-known uses for a tow hitch can be highly practical, depending on what you do. Tow hitches are a piece of versatile equipment that expands the functionality of vehicles and improves the process of towing or just a mobile adventure on the road. If you’re considering buying a tow hitch, you should understand its functional uses before making the investment. Explore these top five must-know applications for a tow hitch to learn about the most popular uses and how they can benefit your vehicle functionality.

Trailer Towing

The most popular use for tow hitches is hauling trailers to transport equipment and other goods. Whether you’re towing large motor toys, furniture, or industrial equipment, a tow hitch maximizes your vehicle space to haul large items on the road.

Vehicle Towing

The functionality of a tow hitch provides easy and accelerated transportation through vehicle towing. If you’re planning a cross-country or one-way move, consider pairing a tow hitch with your vehicle to simplify the moving process.

Trailer Hitch Step

A tow hitch doesn’t just simplify the towing process for items; it also conserves your access to the truck. A tow hitch allows you to load and unload equipment from the bed of your truck with an accessible vantage point.

Cargo Management

Few pieces of towing equipment give you the versatility and durability required for cargo management as a tow hitch does. A tow hitch gives you the ability to extend the space to store the various items you transport. A tow hitch also saves the truck bed from additional wear and tear.

Trailer Hitch Hammock

A lesser-known application for a trailer hitch is using it as a trailer hitch hammock for outdoor lounging. The process of finding a location to pitch a hammock can be a chore since finding the right distance between trees and leveling the hammock itself can be difficult. A tow hitch serves as a portable station to set your hammock up anywhere you park when you’re on the road. You can move your truck to create the perfect space.

A tow hitch offers various uses to maximize the towing process and extend the use of your vehicle. If you’re considering the investment, you should weigh the versatility of a tow hitch and how the benefits go beyond hauling a trailer. Driving a tow truck means investing in the right tow truck accessories for your day-to-day operations. The best route to finding these accessories is through a tow truck supply company like Manufacturer Express. Explore our tow truck essentials on our website or give our team a call for requested information today.